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Calcium carbonate and other functional fillers do not fully perform in simple formulations and can see a deterioration of their physical properties. Because the fine particles of ECBIO are evenly dispersed and can be maintained in a stable state, product quality can be maintained even when it is mixed in higher concentrations.


Based on our unique uniform and high dispersion technology established more than 20 years ago, we took on the challenge of creating highly uniform dispersion and high concentration compounds for use with biodegradable resins, which was thought to be theoretically impossible.


In 2021, we finally succeeded in commercializing a material that achieves high dispersion and concentration of 70% calcium carbonate and 30% biodegradable resin that can be used for mass production of plastics.


Cost Reduction

ECBIO achieves high-concentration blending while at the same time minimizing the deterioration rate of the physical properties of the resin. This characteristic allows us to maintain high levels of product quality while also achieving significant cost reductions

Product improvements

Significant increases in product quality have been achieved by improving the rate of heat resistance, fluidity and molding processability. Also, new characteristics have been added to further improve product quality.

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